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ZirkonDent Dental Laboratory, which is known to its customers for the high quality services it provides, is the only official representative of Italian ZirkonZahn Company in Armenia and offers you its quality services.

Zirconium possesses unique biological features, light transparency, durability and crystal-like look, the qualities that provide a natural appearance to your teeth. Zirconium is being used in medicine for a long time, but in dental medicine it has been introduced recently and its use is spread widely all over the world due to its durability, natural appearance and high quality. In addition it would be important to mention a very significant feature: zirconium is a non allergic substance, which is safe even for those who have allergic reactions for different substances. A natural and beautiful smile has become a dream for many people, because not every clinic provides the quality, which is necessary for your confident smile.

Zirconium oxide is the only substance which allows formulation of teeth that are no different from natural teeth. The quality of the substance not only gives us beauty, but also provides the teeth with durability serving you for a very long time. Zirconium doesn’t break or crack even under strong strikes or pressure. Due to its resistance and the technology used to make it, Zirconium is the only substance that allows creating a bridge over the whole mouth, which is guaranteed.

By trusting ZirkonDent laboratory, you will have a beautiful, effortless and confident smile!


ZirkonDent Dental Laboratoy Staff consists of highly prepared and educated individuals with an extensive experience in the relevant field. Our team members constantly participate in trainings, in order to always be able to work according to the modern technological developments and achievements.

The head of the Laboratory, Mr. Sargis Artinian is a professional in dental technology field. He has had 18 years of working experience in this field, has conducted a dental laboratory abroad for many year, which is still active. Mr. Sargis Artinian has participated in various international conferences, seminars and other professional events, receiving certificates of honor!

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